The young wife had decided she was going back to Mother, and her husband accompanied her to the airport, trying all the time to make her change her mind. "You're wasting your breath, you worm," she flung at him as she flounced through the gate into the crowed passenger lounge.
The husband pressed his face against the grillwork. "Just one last thing," he called out, and his wife stopped and half-turned. "If you ever work this town again, baby, be sure to give me a call!"
"When my husband climaxes," the women complained to a marriage counselor, "his reaction includes an ear-shattering yell."
"All things considered," commented the advisor, "I should think that would be a certain source of satisfaction for you."
"Oh, it would," said the women, "if it just didn't wake me up!"
" That new salesman I dated last night turned out to be hung like a bull-like, maybe with eight inches!" the typist confided during an office hen session.
"I wouldn't let myself be bedded be nobody like that," commented a co-worker. "My own preference has run to individuals like the controller, the personnel manager and the senior vice-president for research an development."
"That's OK, honey," replied the first girl. "You can have the big wheels. I prefer the big axle rod."
During the morning coffee break, the would-be Don Juan sauntered over to the new receptionist and remarked, "It has to be a prophetic, baby. I had a dream that you were an automobile motor."
"That doesn't sound especially attractive," countered the girl.
" The hell it wasn't, " leered the fellow. " I was the dip stick!"
"I think I should warn you that this is a pretty rough joint," the bar waitress remarked. "For example, the guys who come in here are likely to show their appreciation for good service by stuffing bills down the front of your blouse."
"That's pretty humiliating," declared the girl who had just been hired. "I sure hope the amount of tips makes it worth it."
"As a matter of fact, honey, it does," the veteran assured her. "In the course of last Saturday night, I went from a 36B to a 40C."

"That really foxy lady who invited you up to her apartment for a night," one singles-complex male tenant remarked to another, "did she turn out to be, let's say, approachable?"
"Well, I was rather surprised to find an old-fashion sampler that she said she made herself hanging over the sofa," replied his friend, " until I took a closer look and saw that the saying embroidered on it was THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR NOT COMING IN MY MOUTH."
" I'm going out to stretch my legs," announced a blonde coed in the student-union lounge.
"That's understandable," reacted a brunette coed, quite audibly," but around whom?"